"What would a Southern-bred, R&B-laced, tutu-touting ballerina sound like?"

The unusual marriage of all these elements is, in fact, at the very core of Charlotte, North Carolina native Edie Wellman. A lifelong pianist and dancer, Edie brings together all of her eccentricities, paradoxes, perfections and imperfections in a resounding crash; these are her stories, worn unapologetically on her sleeve. This is her music.

Heavily influenced by the "New South," songwriter-producer Edie proudly professes her love for old tobacco plants, dilapidated warehouses, and the familiar sight of red-brick buildings covered in spray paint and colorful graffiti. The beauty in these visages, of course, is that they have retained their look and feel amidst an extraordinary period of both urban and artistic development for cities like Charlotte - and even others that Edie may also call home, such as Durham, North Carolina.

If it seems that Edie is drawn naturally to paradoxical things - that's because she is. One subject she explores in much of her music is the question of our insanity: even when normality may be apparent on the surface, aren't we all a little bit crazy? Isn't committing to love or any one thing with all your passion and all your fury - in essence - a little bit insane? Of herself, Edie sums: "I take my work very seriously... but I never take myself too seriously." Perhaps this might explain her affinity for Beethoven and Billie Holiday; Sarah McLachlan and Springsteen; Aaliyah and OutKast, all of which co-exist in harmony on a single playlist on her iPod... not to mention her equal affinity for tutus, a great pair of kicks, hoop earrings (the bigger the better), and bright lipstick. Oh, and fried chicken.

If all of this doesn't make you want to befriend Edie, then stop reading... and check out her music. As she is at her core, far so is her music: a graceful yet quirky blend of the old and the new. Southern retro meets urban pop -- soulful songwriting all dolled up in energetic, eccentric style.

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